Wedding Guest Book alternatives

All of the guests who come to the wedding…

All of the guests who come to the wedding will be eager to share their well-wishes for you and the groom. Traditionally, a guest book is left near the entrance to the chapel or the reception for people to sign as they come in to be seated. The types of these books range from simple, inexpensive versions to elaborate leather and silk covered styles filled with handmade artisan papers. In addition to guest books, there are other unique and unusual ways to capture the signatures and sentiments of your family, friends and co-workers. Here are some of our favorites:

Pottery and platters

Pottery and platters: Pottery that has not bee sent through the kiln yet can be written and doodled on with special pens and then sent back to the pottery shop for the final firing and preservation. Another new item is a guest book platter that can be personalized with a special pen and then displayed in a decorative stand.

Polaroid photos

Polaroid photos: Set out a Polaroid camera, plenty of film and permanent markers for guests to snap their photos and sign – instant fun! Glue photos on scrapbook pages to keep reminders of the day forever.

Photo mat: large white photo mat provides a background for guest’s signatures and words of advice. Later, the mat can frame your favorite wedding photo and be hung in a special place.


Tablecloth: A large table cloth can be signed with silver and gold fabric pens, leaving plenty of room for lots of writing. In the upcoming years, you can pull out the table cloth for anniversaries and other special events.


T-shirts: His-and-her t-shirts are a fun, updated alternative to the guest book. The bride and groom will enjoy reading and wearing all the special sentiments of love.

Ten Really Weird Wedding Traditions

Today, weddings are all about cupcake towers and frothy white dresses. There are some remnants of tradition that many brides and grooms follow, but for the most part, anything goes during modern marriage unions! You’ll be surprised, and perhaps confused, to find out some rather strange rituals and beliefs that were thought to be true in the past.

1) If you find a four-leaf clover, put it in your shoe and the next bachelor that crosses your path will become your husband. Or, eat salted herring and wait for your future groom to bring you a glass of water in your dreams that night.

2) The first spouse to fall asleep on the wedding night will be the first person to eventually die.

3) Beware of pigs, lizards or rabbits crossing the road on your wedding day, these are bad omens. On the other hand, seeing rainbows, sunshine, a black cat or chimney sweep are all good omens! Many also still believe that rain on wedding day is good luck

4) The bride must enter the new home through the front door, being careful not to stumble or fall. This is how the tradition of carrying the bride across the threshold began.

5) The number of ribbons a bride breaks when opening wedding gifts predicts how many children she will bear.

6) Tying cans to the back of the newlywed’s getaway car harks back to the ancient days when loud noises were thought to ward off evil spirits.

7) Wedding guests used to sneak into the newlywed’s bedroom and snatch their removed stockings; the first guest to fling a stocking and successfully hit either the bride or groom would be the next person to marry.

8) To determine the profession and status of your future husband, go bird watching on Valentines morning and remember the first bird you see. A dove means you’ll marry a fortunate man, a bluebird means a poor man, a goldfinch means a rich man and so on.

9) The first wedding gift a bride opens must be the first wedding gift she uses, no matter how strange or impractical it is.

10) It is very unlucky for the bride and groom to see each other on the wedding day before the ceremony. This old tradition, which comes from the times when most marriages were arranged, is still one of the most practiced hold-overs from wedding history.