Receiving Lines

The tradition of greeting guests

The tradition of greeting guests after the ceremony with a receiving line is not dead, but here is a more personal approach that is quick and saves time.

A warm personal welcome is what your guests are look for. They want to congratulate you on your new marriage immediately after the wedding ceremony, and then move to the to reception as soon as possible.

If you having photographs after the ceremony, rented a limousine, or just want to make a faster exit, allow yourself to release guests out of the pews. This is more of a personal approach and your receiving line moves much faster.

This approach can easily cut 10-15 minutes (Depending on number of guests) off the time it takes to let guests out of the church. The design also allows for the parents to still form a traditional receiving line at the back of the church.

Benefits: You and your guests will enjoy the day more by having more time to celebrate at the reception. If you have hired a limousine or other paid transportation, you will have more time to enjoy it.

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