Put Your Bridal Powers to Good Use

It’s the ‘bride’s day,’

It’s the ‘bride’s day,’ let her have what she wants. I’m sure you’ve received this sort of advice from plenty of people who support the ‘it’s-all-about-me’ mentality. However, there’s a new trend on the uptake with brides who appreciate the bigger picture – and, that is incorporating a charitable cause into your wedding events. Yes, you can use your bridal powers for good, following we’ve found several ways to incorporate philanthropic endeavors into your party.

Charitable-Cause Bridesmaid Gifts

Charitable-Cause Bridesmaid Gifts: Wisely choose your bridesmaid gifts to be items that indicate a portion of the proceeds are donated to a non-profit in an area that interests you.  For example, For the Cure bridesmaid gifts incorporate the pink ribbon theme into fun and fashionable items that will be popular with your bridal attendants, from crystal bracelets to adorable bridesmaid totes. This is a great way to honor all the ladies in your life including mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and best friends who may be touched by breast cancer in some way. There are hundreds and hundreds of other potential bridesmaid gifts on the market that give to other causes, literally something for everyone.

Purposeful Party Favors

Purposeful Party Favors: Following the same idea as the bridesmaid gifts, you can create awareness for the charity near and dear to your heart with purposeful wedding favors.  For example, a dog-loving couple created little swag bags for each guest that included brochures on a beloved pet rescue organization, a message card that a small donation had been made in the guest’s name, a dog toy and treats to share later with a pet at home.

Reception Games

Reception Games: There are all types of fun you can have at the reception that can raise money for your charity. Make an announcement after the toasting about your important cause and then invite guests to take part in the fun – for a small price! Ideas include making a dollar donation to dance with the bride or groom or having the newlyweds kiss for a small fee! You could also have a coin dump bucket at the entrance so folks can lighten their load on the dance floor or have a raffle where guests guess the amount of rose petals in a basket or the combined years of marriage of everyone combined – winners take home the table centerpieces or some other fun wedding inspired gift.

Gifts for Charity

Gifts for Charity: You may also indicate on your wedding invitation that, in lieu of gifts, you’d prefer a donation made in your name to a specified charity. Remember to include an insert with stamped envelope so that guests can take you up on this thoughtful gesture.

After the Wedding

After the Wedding: Another couple hosting a pot luck reception asked guests to bring copies of the dish — which were later turned into a cookbook with the permission of the party-goers. Then, the media savvy newlyweds plugged the book through local outlets and the internet, raising funds for a favorite charity in the process. Or, you can donate your dress to be sold to raise funds, check out Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Whip Up a Wedding Dress

Crafty bride alert! The second week in March is ‘National Crochet Week,’ seven full days to honor all things knotty and nice that can be made via the homespun art of crochet. If you think crochet is just a pastime for grandmotherly types who churn out ponchos and toilet paper cozies like crazy, you haven’t taken a good look at the hobby lately. Just like the art of knitting, crocheting has become all the rage with the creative, hip crafty-types who enjoy making funky toys, scarves, iPhone holders and literally anything else you can imagine – including wedding dresses!

A recent bride tied the knot in a dress

A recent bride tied the knot in a dress tied with millions of knots – literally! This gorgeous crocheted wedding dress was made with a patchwork of doilies that were then sewn together to make the top layer. According to sources, this dress took 3 weeks to make and over 2 miles of crochet yarn!  Made with so much love and totally one-of-a-kind, this is the type of wedding gown that should be hung on our customized bride hanger, a high-quality wooden hanger that spells out the bride’s name in cursive via cleverly twisted wire. This hanger is a lovely pick in gifts for the bride or to give as unique bridesmaid gifts.

If you want to make your own crochet

If you want to make your own crochet bridesmaid gifts, you better whip out the hook and yarn now. But, don’t get all unraveled if you just don’t have the time. There are plenty of other great options in gifts for bridesmaids that have a personalized touch but are ready to go in much less time. For example, our beautiful embroidered pashminas are a gorgeous gesture of thanks for the women in your wedding and can be worn over their gowns on your big day and for many years in the future.

Say It With Cookies

It’s hard to say ‘no’ when tempted with a delicious treat, how many times have you shown up pre-dawn to work out with a girlfriend because you knew the two of you would brunch afterward? Or volunteered to take your niece or nephew trick-or-treating for the hope of scoring a fun-sized candy bar or two?  Food and friends and family, it all just works so well together!

perfect recipe

Well, we have the perfect recipe to recruit potential members of your wedding party – and best of all it doesn’t include any measuring, baking or cleaning up by you. With our “Will You Be My . . . ?” Edible Cookie Cards, you’ll make a long-lasting impression that doesn’t last long, if you catch our drift. If you can hear her through the mumbling of a cookie stuffed in mouth, you’ll definitely hear a “yes, yes, yes” in response to your edible yet elegant inquiry of becoming a bridesmaid, maid of honor or what have you in mind. Word of warning, from our experience, the children are the ones who play coy and say they might have to ‘think about it’ and might need to ‘taste another’ cookie before agreeing to be the ring bearer or flower girl.

Decorated to look like bridesmaid gowns

Decorated to look like bridesmaid gowns, floral bouquets, and dazzling diamond rings and more, you can even find more masculine cookie ‘cards’ for boys of any age.  Whipped up with love from only the finest ingredients just like you’d make at home (butter, sugar, eggs, flour and vanilla – no preservatives), these fabulous cookies can be decorated in a sweet selection of colors to complement your wedding décor or personality. Of course, a cookie this cute can’t be stuck in a brown paper bag, that’s why it’s paired with a personalized gift tag, nestled in a darling gift box and wrapped up with a silky bow. A sure-to-be-talked-about treat for wedding favors, too!