Preparing a Toast

Wedding speech tips.

So you ‘d like some tips on how to make a good wedding speech.
On this site I’ll give you some useful information on writing wedding speeches or, for that matter, a speech for any occasion.  There’ll be relaxation tips for those of you who need this ,which according to studies, is about 99% of  of us.  We’ll include preparation, most common mistakes, and  how to make the toast.  Some other great resources will also be included.

Why did I make this site?

Because I noticed that most of my friends where always asking for advise on what to say and how to keep their knees from shaking.  I thought, if most of my friends have these problems, it must be the same with most others.
When I first started public speaking my knees where also shaking, but after numerous seminars and a few books later it is getting easier.  I can honestly say that I can stand up in front of hundreds of people without being a nervous wreck.
Thanks to all those books and seminars and most importantly;  practice. I use every single chance I get to exercise in public speaking because I know that it is the single best way to become a good public speaker and to get rid of those shaky knees.

What I hope you get out of it.

I hope that after you read the information on this site you will be able to do the following things:

  • Write an appropriate speech for every occasion.
  • Learn to prepare.
  • Deliver your speech in a semi-professional way.
  • Avoid common mistakes.
  • Overcome your fears for public speaking.
  • Find useful sources to help you on your way.

Can anyone become a good public speaker?  

Yes, I think that I am proof of that. When I was younger I ‘d do anything to avoid talking in front of a group of people, even in front of classmates whom I’d  known for many years.
It was only in 1998, when I was 27yrs of age, that I thought to myself that I could not avoid this forever. Sometimes in our lives we all have to speak in front of the public, although we’d  rather not.
Although this site is dedicated to wedding speeches, you can use this same method whenever. It does not matter if you have to do public speaking at work, a birthday party or a wedding; the method is still the same.
I am not going to promise you that it is going to be easy, but I will show you ways to do it right and in the process make it a bit more bearable.

Where to start?  

I recommend that you read in the following order:

  • Wedding speech tips.
  • Most common mistakes.
  • Articles.
  • Wedding toasts.
  • More Resources.

Read every page at least twice. It is a good habit, the first time you read it, to print out every page and highlight every part with a marker that you feel is important. That way it will only take you a couple of minutes to read it the second time.

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