How to be a good wedding photographer

A wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony should be a memorable event that you will always want to remember. We want everything to be perfect and we start to choose the day, then the location, the flowers and the wedding invitations. The bride is always concerned about how she will look like because all the guests will see her and being the most beautiful bride is one of the most important things on the night. Moreover, in your wedding day, you will do a lot of photos because they are the only “proof” of the fact that you had a beautiful wedding day. So, you must know some important aspects about wedding photos.

official wedding ceremony photography

Many couples spend a lot of money on official wedding ceremony photography, but you must also know that the photos taken by your friends could be nice, too. Most people really care about the friends who take the photos means a lot. So, I will give you some tips for amateurs photographers. The first tip to consider is to create a shot list. You must ask the young couple to think ahead about the shots they would like to capture on the wedding day.

The young

The young couple should give you a long list with all the family because it would be bad to find out that you have not taken photography with the grandfather. The second step to follow is to ask the young couple to choose a person or two who will coordinate all the shoot session. It can be a little stressful to find the entire families because in that day everything is chaotic and all the families` members are in a festive spirit. Take your time and organize all!

The third step is to visit the locations and watch carefully at the landscapes found there because it is very important to have some ideas about the way you will shoot the young couple. There are many Pros that do not use to do such a thing, but I am sure that this advice should be taken into consideration by all the photographers because you will know where to start from and which will be the first positions for shots.

Before going at the party

Before going at the party, you should be prepared for everything and realize your own backup plan (the bad weather always comes when you least expect). You also should have two batteries charged and a memory card blank. In order to know what will exactly happen the next day, you should know about the routes and the itinerary of the day. All will be easier to you if you attend the ceremony`s rehearsal which will give you the possibility to obtain a lot of information about positions, light, order. Another important tip: Keep the sound of your camera off!

It is very important to have an unforgettable wedding album and it can be very well created with small details photos. Please, be attentive and photograph the ring of the bride and groom, the dresses, shoes, menus and flowers…it will inspire you a lot!

The last tips I am giving to you are: learn how to use diffused light, shoot in RAW, display your shots at the reception, consider your backgrounds, do not discard you mistakes, change your perspective, fill flash, do not forget the continuous shooting mode, expect the unexpected, and most important…have fun!

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