With any Our Wedding Story page, the couple decides what they want for themselves. They have the option of creating a public page that they can share with family and friends through their social media, email etc. or having a private page just for their wedding guests, family, friends or even for just themselves. The couple always has control of every element with their wedding story page.

Can I pick and choose what I want for Our Wedding Story page?

There are so many options available to couples with their Wedding Story page. Couples can pick and choose whatever options they wish to have and not have. They can decide on having a story page, timelines, photos, videos, wedding details, accommodations, RSVP, wedding registry, contact page and many more.

Can I choose any name for Our Wedding Story page?

In most cases you can have any domain name for your page. Some domain names may already be taken but a slight adjustment to the domain name by adding a letter, word, number or symbol can make it possible to have your perfect name for your Wedding Story Page.

We love Our Wedding Story page what happens next?

Once we have received word that you would like to create your own Wedding Story page all we need from you is the text you would like you use and the images you have chosen for you page. We don’t even have to meet up everything can be done online. We will create a template for you and will touch basis with you to add wedding details, RSVP etc to your wedding story page. All that is left to do is to share it with your prefered audience.

What is the average cost of an Our Wedding Story Page?

As we said, the couple decides on what they want. This determines the price also. The average cost range of a Wedding Story Page is from €250-€400. For what you are receiving and the cost of wedding invitations spared, postage costs as well as the reduced stress it is a very small expense in terms of an overall wedding budget.

We have Our Wedding Story Page now, how do we get it to or guests?

This is the easy part. Remember your Wedding Story page is a link. You can send the link by email, text, Whatsapp, Facebook etc to any of your guests. They simply click the link and RSVP or purchase a gift you have a wedding registry option. It has never been so simple. No postage costs or non-replies (RSVPs) to worry about. Reminders can be sent through email or text if needed.