And The Bride Wore……

Searching wedding magazines….

Searching for days and sometimes months, brides-to-be often pour over wedding magazines, attend bridal shows and seek out the celebrity influence when it comes to picking a wedding dress. To many ladies, the wedding is all about the dress – oh, and the husband, too! Traditionally, the gown of choice has been a white, floor length creation embellished with a varying degree of sequins, lace and crystals depending on the wearer’s tastes. However, if you’ve been to enough weddings, you are sure t o see some unusual marriage outfits and here are some of our shocking favorites:


Balloons: Designed with thousands of white inflatable balloons woven together, we’re not sure if this bridal gown (pictured) was designed by a clown or just someone really, really creative. With the peacock-like display of balloons attached on the back, the bride can strut her stuff down the aisle and hope that nothing pops – until the honeymoon!

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty: Search the web, there is a whole litter of Hello Kitty dresses out there, especially popular with Japanese young ladies who love this Sanrio anime character. Add a Hello Kitty diamond necklace (yes!) and Hello Kitty shoes and everyone will be purring in delight and living the fabulous life.


Zombies: It’s hard to believe that any bride wants to start off the rest of her life dressed in a ripped, ratty and faux-blood spattered wedding dress. But this dark fantasy is a surprisingly more common that you’d think; the benefits of going Goth or Zombie for your wedding is you don’t have to worry about getting your hair and makeup messed up – it already is!

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper: Well, we all know what this stuff is used for, so it’s hard to believe someone would willingly want to make a dress out of toilet tissue. There’s frugal and then there is just plain weird, but actually the dresses are quite stunning and you can check out the creative and biodegradable designs at Chic Cheap Weddings.

So as you can see, a number of cliché sayings apply here such as “there’s no accounting for taste,” “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and so on. No matter what type wedding dress you choose, you can find stunning bridal jewelry to add to the image you wish to portray. Just remember to coordinate the outfits of your wedding attendants and give them matching jewelry as bridesmaid gifts.

Super Cute Shirts for Team Bride

Are you *sing* “getting maaaarrried” sometime soon? If yes, then you’re probably all a twitter plotting, planning and preparing every last detail for your wedding. From what to serve, what to wear, where to go, what to register for and who to invite, you may be feeling extremely overwhelmed. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick your bridesmaids as early as possible, so that they can help you make some of the big decisions – including what they’ll wear. Once our friends say yes to your request, it’s a fun idea to give them a thoughtful little early bridesmaid gift that silently says “I’m glad you’re part of my wedding team.”

Bridesmaid shirts are a super cute way to express this sentiment and show off your friendship when you go out to run errands or grab a cocktail together. While bridesmaid shirts come in a variety of cuts and colors, a very popular color is pink! Emblazoned on the front of each shirt is the recipient’s role in the wedding party from bride to bridesmaid. Some have the personalized touch embroidered, other shirts are bedazzled in rhinestones; choose what fits you and your bridesmaids’ overall style.

Whether you all are heading to a spa day or a day filled with tying bows on the pews, Team Bride will look uniquely unified in matching bridesmaid shirts. In fact, you all will look so snazzy that the guys might just go out and buy matching t-shirts for themselves – those copy cats! If you are looking for other bridesmaid gifts ideas ideas to present to your girls on the big day, has many lovely ideas including jewelry, cosmetic cases and other keepsakes they will cherish for years.

Beachy Gifts for Bridesmaids

Dreaming of a wedding on the beach, feeling the sand beneath your toes and saying your vows while the sun sets on the water-colored horizon? More and more couples are opting to get away for destination weddings, combining their nuptials and honeymoon into the same gorgeous venue. From Hawaii and the coast of Florida to the Caribbean or somewhere more exotic, a beach wedding has many implications for the bridesmaids.

Because your wedding party

Because your wedding party has a long way to travel for your ceremony, make sure the event is like a vacation for them as well. This means keeping things simple and stress-free for your bridesmaids with breezy gowns, easy hairstyles, and lots of relaxing activities. Make sure to schedule some time in the days before the ceremony to enjoy each other’s company one last time as bachelorettes. Plan some last minute pampering such as pedicures in the salon and pina coladas by the pool.


Bridesmaids who’ve made the trip to stand by you on your big day deserve to have the sun shine on them. Radiate your thanks with fun bridesmaid gifts that they can use while along on the trip. Items meant for a day of basking in the rays make a great choice for a beach event. Fill up a bridesmaid tote bag with items she’ll “ooh and ahh” over like an oversized personalized towel, cute flip flops, a bottle of sunscreen, mini-fan and even a shady umbrella.

Other ideas for your wedding party

Other ideas for your wedding party gifts include ocean-inspired inspired jewelry, especially a pearl necklace and earrings. Straight from the seas, a pearl jewelry is an exotic bead that just happens to be the quintessential bauble worn in weddings. Your bridesmaids will love your grand gesture and will treasure the precious gift for years to come. In addition to your bridesmaids, don’t forget to present wedding favors to other important female members of your wedding party such as your new mother-in-law, sisters in law and other special guests