Everything You Need for your wedding

Congratulations on your engagement!

Everything You Need for your wedding – Congratulations on your engagement! The question has been asked, the answer has been spoken, and now you’re facing the task of planning life’s most grandest of events: your wedding!

The time you spend planning your wedding should be fun and enjoyable. This online directory is here to assist you in your exciting process of shopping and planning for your upcoming wedding or special occasion. From caterers, to photographers, to disc jockeys to finding that perfect wedding gown, we have brought together many wedding-related businesses throughout the northwest Georgia area to one directory and they’re waiting to offer their services to you!

ENTERTAINMENT for weddings

Provide your guests with music they’ll all enjoy while making sure you (the bride and groom) hear the kind of music you most enjoy. Most professional bands and disc jockeys servicing the wedding reception business are experienced in presenting all styles of music for all ages, in a manner that will have everyone out on the floor and no one sitting around bored. Just about anyone can sit through a song they don’t like as long as they know the next one up is something that will get them up and out of their chairs.

Don’t be selfish with your choice of music. Satisfy all tastes and age groups. Just make sure that the entertainer knows what your favorite music is and makes it a point to focus on your favorite songs.

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A Time Capsule Wedding Candle

If you’re getting married and love candles, you’re going to want to hug this unusual idea we’ve stumbled upon – a time capsule candle. No, it’s not at all like a unity candle, although the unity candle does have a special place during the ceremony to signify the blending of two individuals into one union. Meant for after the ceremony (years after), the time capsule candle is a gift for the bride and groom that is actually assembled by guests on the Big Day and then enjoyed in the future– this keepsake candle can even can be used as bridesmaid gifts depending on the way it is put together.

To make a time capsule candle, you’ll need some basic supplies including a glass jar with a lid, a candle mold that is larger than the glass jar, candle wicking and wax granules. At the reception, guests are asked to write down advice, a hope, a prophecy, lucky numbers or whatever onto a strip of paper that will fit into the jar. You can even add other souvenirs from the wedding such as the wedding cake topper and a personalized invitation. After all the messages have been jotted down and items collected, the jar is sealed up, the wick is attached and wax is melted over the jar into the mold – the goal being that the entire jar is concealed inside the wax.

On a special landmark anniversary, the couple can light the candle until all the wax has melted away to reveal a cache of meaningful sentiments left years ago. What great memories will be revisited with this unusual gift for the bride and groom. To tweak the idea into a bridesmaid gift, just fill up the jars with mementoes and messages for each friend – they will light up when you tell them how these bridesmaid gifts work!

Best wishes for a memorable wedding celebration!

Put Your Bridal Powers to Good Use

It’s the ‘bride’s day,’

It’s the ‘bride’s day,’ let her have what she wants. I’m sure you’ve received this sort of advice from plenty of people who support the ‘it’s-all-about-me’ mentality. However, there’s a new trend on the uptake with brides who appreciate the bigger picture – and, that is incorporating a charitable cause into your wedding events. Yes, you can use your bridal powers for good, following we’ve found several ways to incorporate philanthropic endeavors into your party.

Charitable-Cause Bridesmaid Gifts

Charitable-Cause Bridesmaid Gifts: Wisely choose your bridesmaid gifts to be items that indicate a portion of the proceeds are donated to a non-profit in an area that interests you.  For example, For the Cure bridesmaid gifts incorporate the pink ribbon theme into fun and fashionable items that will be popular with your bridal attendants, from crystal bracelets to adorable bridesmaid totes. This is a great way to honor all the ladies in your life including mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and best friends who may be touched by breast cancer in some way. There are hundreds and hundreds of other potential bridesmaid gifts on the market that give to other causes, literally something for everyone.

Purposeful Party Favors

Purposeful Party Favors: Following the same idea as the bridesmaid gifts, you can create awareness for the charity near and dear to your heart with purposeful wedding favors.  For example, a dog-loving couple created little swag bags for each guest that included brochures on a beloved pet rescue organization, a message card that a small donation had been made in the guest’s name, a dog toy and treats to share later with a pet at home.

Reception Games

Reception Games: There are all types of fun you can have at the reception that can raise money for your charity. Make an announcement after the toasting about your important cause and then invite guests to take part in the fun – for a small price! Ideas include making a dollar donation to dance with the bride or groom or having the newlyweds kiss for a small fee! You could also have a coin dump bucket at the entrance so folks can lighten their load on the dance floor or have a raffle where guests guess the amount of rose petals in a basket or the combined years of marriage of everyone combined – winners take home the table centerpieces or some other fun wedding inspired gift.

Gifts for Charity

Gifts for Charity: You may also indicate on your wedding invitation that, in lieu of gifts, you’d prefer a donation made in your name to a specified charity. Remember to include an insert with stamped envelope so that guests can take you up on this thoughtful gesture.

After the Wedding

After the Wedding: Another couple hosting a pot luck reception asked guests to bring copies of the dish — which were later turned into a cookbook with the permission of the party-goers. Then, the media savvy newlyweds plugged the book through local outlets and the internet, raising funds for a favorite charity in the process. Or, you can donate your dress to be sold to raise funds, check out Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Whip Up a Wedding Dress

Crafty bride alert! The second week in March is ‘National Crochet Week,’ seven full days to honor all things knotty and nice that can be made via the homespun art of crochet. If you think crochet is just a pastime for grandmotherly types who churn out ponchos and toilet paper cozies like crazy, you haven’t taken a good look at the hobby lately. Just like the art of knitting, crocheting has become all the rage with the creative, hip crafty-types who enjoy making funky toys, scarves, iPhone holders and literally anything else you can imagine – including wedding dresses!

A recent bride tied the knot in a dress

A recent bride tied the knot in a dress tied with millions of knots – literally! This gorgeous crocheted wedding dress was made with a patchwork of doilies that were then sewn together to make the top layer. According to sources, this dress took 3 weeks to make and over 2 miles of crochet yarn!  Made with so much love and totally one-of-a-kind, this is the type of wedding gown that should be hung on our customized bride hanger, a high-quality wooden hanger that spells out the bride’s name in cursive via cleverly twisted wire. This hanger is a lovely pick in gifts for the bride or to give as unique bridesmaid gifts.

If you want to make your own crochet

If you want to make your own crochet bridesmaid gifts, you better whip out the hook and yarn now. But, don’t get all unraveled if you just don’t have the time. There are plenty of other great options in gifts for bridesmaids that have a personalized touch but are ready to go in much less time. For example, our beautiful embroidered pashminas are a gorgeous gesture of thanks for the women in your wedding and can be worn over their gowns on your big day and for many years in the future.

Say It With Cookies

It’s hard to say ‘no’ when tempted with a delicious treat, how many times have you shown up pre-dawn to work out with a girlfriend because you knew the two of you would brunch afterward? Or volunteered to take your niece or nephew trick-or-treating for the hope of scoring a fun-sized candy bar or two?  Food and friends and family, it all just works so well together!

perfect recipe

Well, we have the perfect recipe to recruit potential members of your wedding party – and best of all it doesn’t include any measuring, baking or cleaning up by you. With our “Will You Be My . . . ?” Edible Cookie Cards, you’ll make a long-lasting impression that doesn’t last long, if you catch our drift. If you can hear her through the mumbling of a cookie stuffed in mouth, you’ll definitely hear a “yes, yes, yes” in response to your edible yet elegant inquiry of becoming a bridesmaid, maid of honor or what have you in mind. Word of warning, from our experience, the children are the ones who play coy and say they might have to ‘think about it’ and might need to ‘taste another’ cookie before agreeing to be the ring bearer or flower girl.

Decorated to look like bridesmaid gowns

Decorated to look like bridesmaid gowns, floral bouquets, and dazzling diamond rings and more, you can even find more masculine cookie ‘cards’ for boys of any age.  Whipped up with love from only the finest ingredients just like you’d make at home (butter, sugar, eggs, flour and vanilla – no preservatives), these fabulous cookies can be decorated in a sweet selection of colors to complement your wedding décor or personality. Of course, a cookie this cute can’t be stuck in a brown paper bag, that’s why it’s paired with a personalized gift tag, nestled in a darling gift box and wrapped up with a silky bow. A sure-to-be-talked-about treat for wedding favors, too!

Wedding Guest Book alternatives

All of the guests who come to the wedding…

All of the guests who come to the wedding will be eager to share their well-wishes for you and the groom. Traditionally, a guest book is left near the entrance to the chapel or the reception for people to sign as they come in to be seated. The types of these books range from simple, inexpensive versions to elaborate leather and silk covered styles filled with handmade artisan papers. In addition to guest books, there are other unique and unusual ways to capture the signatures and sentiments of your family, friends and co-workers. Here are some of our favorites:

Pottery and platters

Pottery and platters: Pottery that has not bee sent through the kiln yet can be written and doodled on with special pens and then sent back to the pottery shop for the final firing and preservation. Another new item is a guest book platter that can be personalized with a special pen and then displayed in a decorative stand.

Polaroid photos

Polaroid photos: Set out a Polaroid camera, plenty of film and permanent markers for guests to snap their photos and sign – instant fun! Glue photos on scrapbook pages to keep reminders of the day forever.

Photo mat: large white photo mat provides a background for guest’s signatures and words of advice. Later, the mat can frame your favorite wedding photo and be hung in a special place.


Tablecloth: A large table cloth can be signed with silver and gold fabric pens, leaving plenty of room for lots of writing. In the upcoming years, you can pull out the table cloth for anniversaries and other special events.


T-shirts: His-and-her t-shirts are a fun, updated alternative to the guest book. The bride and groom will enjoy reading and wearing all the special sentiments of love.

Ten Really Weird Wedding Traditions

Today, weddings are all about cupcake towers and frothy white dresses. There are some remnants of tradition that many brides and grooms follow, but for the most part, anything goes during modern marriage unions! You’ll be surprised, and perhaps confused, to find out some rather strange rituals and beliefs that were thought to be true in the past.

1) If you find a four-leaf clover, put it in your shoe and the next bachelor that crosses your path will become your husband. Or, eat salted herring and wait for your future groom to bring you a glass of water in your dreams that night.

2) The first spouse to fall asleep on the wedding night will be the first person to eventually die.

3) Beware of pigs, lizards or rabbits crossing the road on your wedding day, these are bad omens. On the other hand, seeing rainbows, sunshine, a black cat or chimney sweep are all good omens! Many also still believe that rain on wedding day is good luck

4) The bride must enter the new home through the front door, being careful not to stumble or fall. This is how the tradition of carrying the bride across the threshold began.

5) The number of ribbons a bride breaks when opening wedding gifts predicts how many children she will bear.

6) Tying cans to the back of the newlywed’s getaway car harks back to the ancient days when loud noises were thought to ward off evil spirits.

7) Wedding guests used to sneak into the newlywed’s bedroom and snatch their removed stockings; the first guest to fling a stocking and successfully hit either the bride or groom would be the next person to marry.

8) To determine the profession and status of your future husband, go bird watching on Valentines morning and remember the first bird you see. A dove means you’ll marry a fortunate man, a bluebird means a poor man, a goldfinch means a rich man and so on.

9) The first wedding gift a bride opens must be the first wedding gift she uses, no matter how strange or impractical it is.

10) It is very unlucky for the bride and groom to see each other on the wedding day before the ceremony. This old tradition, which comes from the times when most marriages were arranged, is still one of the most practiced hold-overs from wedding history.

And The Bride Wore……

Searching wedding magazines….

Searching for days and sometimes months, brides-to-be often pour over wedding magazines, attend bridal shows and seek out the celebrity influence when it comes to picking a wedding dress. To many ladies, the wedding is all about the dress – oh, and the husband, too! Traditionally, the gown of choice has been a white, floor length creation embellished with a varying degree of sequins, lace and crystals depending on the wearer’s tastes. However, if you’ve been to enough weddings, you are sure t o see some unusual marriage outfits and here are some of our shocking favorites:


Balloons: Designed with thousands of white inflatable balloons woven together, we’re not sure if this bridal gown (pictured) was designed by a clown or just someone really, really creative. With the peacock-like display of balloons attached on the back, the bride can strut her stuff down the aisle and hope that nothing pops – until the honeymoon!

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty: Search the web, there is a whole litter of Hello Kitty dresses out there, especially popular with Japanese young ladies who love this Sanrio anime character. Add a Hello Kitty diamond necklace (yes!) and Hello Kitty shoes and everyone will be purring in delight and living the fabulous life.


Zombies: It’s hard to believe that any bride wants to start off the rest of her life dressed in a ripped, ratty and faux-blood spattered wedding dress. But this dark fantasy is a surprisingly more common that you’d think; the benefits of going Goth or Zombie for your wedding is you don’t have to worry about getting your hair and makeup messed up – it already is!

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper: Well, we all know what this stuff is used for, so it’s hard to believe someone would willingly want to make a dress out of toilet tissue. There’s frugal and then there is just plain weird, but actually the dresses are quite stunning and you can check out the creative and biodegradable designs at Chic Cheap Weddings.

So as you can see, a number of cliché sayings apply here such as “there’s no accounting for taste,” “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and so on. No matter what type wedding dress you choose, you can find stunning bridal jewelry to add to the image you wish to portray. Just remember to coordinate the outfits of your wedding attendants and give them matching jewelry as bridesmaid gifts.

Super Cute Shirts for Team Bride

Are you *sing* “getting maaaarrried” sometime soon? If yes, then you’re probably all a twitter plotting, planning and preparing every last detail for your wedding. From what to serve, what to wear, where to go, what to register for and who to invite, you may be feeling extremely overwhelmed. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick your bridesmaids as early as possible, so that they can help you make some of the big decisions – including what they’ll wear. Once our friends say yes to your request, it’s a fun idea to give them a thoughtful little early bridesmaid gift that silently says “I’m glad you’re part of my wedding team.”

Bridesmaid shirts are a super cute way to express this sentiment and show off your friendship when you go out to run errands or grab a cocktail together. While bridesmaid shirts come in a variety of cuts and colors, a very popular color is pink! Emblazoned on the front of each shirt is the recipient’s role in the wedding party from bride to bridesmaid. Some have the personalized touch embroidered, other shirts are bedazzled in rhinestones; choose what fits you and your bridesmaids’ overall style.

Whether you all are heading to a spa day or a day filled with tying bows on the pews, Team Bride will look uniquely unified in matching bridesmaid shirts. In fact, you all will look so snazzy that the guys might just go out and buy matching t-shirts for themselves – those copy cats! If you are looking for other bridesmaid gifts ideas ideas to present to your girls on the big day, Weddingstand.com has many lovely ideas including jewelry, cosmetic cases and other keepsakes they will cherish for years.

Beachy Gifts for Bridesmaids

Dreaming of a wedding on the beach, feeling the sand beneath your toes and saying your vows while the sun sets on the water-colored horizon? More and more couples are opting to get away for destination weddings, combining their nuptials and honeymoon into the same gorgeous venue. From Hawaii and the coast of Florida to the Caribbean or somewhere more exotic, a beach wedding has many implications for the bridesmaids.

Because your wedding party

Because your wedding party has a long way to travel for your ceremony, make sure the event is like a vacation for them as well. This means keeping things simple and stress-free for your bridesmaids with breezy gowns, easy hairstyles, and lots of relaxing activities. Make sure to schedule some time in the days before the ceremony to enjoy each other’s company one last time as bachelorettes. Plan some last minute pampering such as pedicures in the salon and pina coladas by the pool.


Bridesmaids who’ve made the trip to stand by you on your big day deserve to have the sun shine on them. Radiate your thanks with fun bridesmaid gifts that they can use while along on the trip. Items meant for a day of basking in the rays make a great choice for a beach event. Fill up a bridesmaid tote bag with items she’ll “ooh and ahh” over like an oversized personalized towel, cute flip flops, a bottle of sunscreen, mini-fan and even a shady umbrella.

Other ideas for your wedding party

Other ideas for your wedding party gifts include ocean-inspired inspired jewelry, especially a pearl necklace and earrings. Straight from the seas, a pearl jewelry is an exotic bead that just happens to be the quintessential bauble worn in weddings. Your bridesmaids will love your grand gesture and will treasure the precious gift for years to come. In addition to your bridesmaids, don’t forget to present wedding favors to other important female members of your wedding party such as your new mother-in-law, sisters in law and other special guests

Perfectly Preppy Weddings

Big Day

Oh, Muffy! A little bird just told us of the latest trend in “themes” for your Big Day – preppy-chic weddings! Since this will be the most important day of your life, you’ll want to make a smart choice in the general direction and ambiance of your event. You don’t have to be an Ivy League graduate to know there is nothing smarter than taking on the traditional style and swagger of Preppy.

A bit conservative

A bit conservative, but updated with a contemporary vibe, today’s preppy is all about plaids, stripes, monograms and privileged, all-American aesthetics. You don’t have to say your wedding vows with an East Coast lock-jaw, but it would be helpful if you at least had the wedding party decked out in classic preppy togs. The bride can wear a classic, just a touch casual wedding gown and the bridesmaids can wear Lilly Pulitzer dresses. The groomsmen will look dapper in khaki pants with navy jackets and collegiate pink-and-green stripe ties.

Remember to include monograms

Remember to include monograms on anything and everything coming in contact with your wedding. Nearly as important in a wedding as the three letters in “I do” are the three little letters in a lady’s monogram. Monogrammed initials add personality and panache on everything form shirtsleeves and cufflinks to table linens and matchbooks – even the bridesmaid gifts should be monogrammed in a perfectly preppy wedding.


Wedding is here to be your official handbook on preppy bridesmaid gifts. One of our all-time favorites, and quite practical too, is to treat the girls to a personalized tote bag personalized tote bagsemblazoned with a personalization. Perfect for hauling primping supplies to the chapel on the wedding weekend and for many outings to come – weekend getaways to the Hamptons, appointments at the spa, sorority reunions at an alma matter.

From tried-and-true preppy totes made in canvas with bright grosgrain ribbon accents to updated and utterly uptown carry-alls, your girls will be thrilled to have these bridesmaid gifts to have and to hold. Don’t forget about your pint-sized wedding assistants; a personalized tote filled with coloring books, puzzles, small toys and treats to keep little hands busy makes a great choice in flower girl gifts.

A Sweet Way To Say It!

If your friends are just as fond of flowers as food, we have the perfect way to make their day – and your big day too! Our edible cookies cards are an oh-so-tasteful way to ask friends and family to join in your special celebration, especially the ‘Will You Be My’ Edible Bouquet Card.  Just imagine opening up the mailbox or being hand-delivered one of these scrumpdideelumptious invitations, you know you’d love it and they will too! Even Oprah loves these cookies; the media maven has featured cookies from manufacturer, The Flour Pot, on her must-read, must-have “O List.”

Sugary stems of posies are bundled up with real ribbon

Sugary stems of posies are bundled up with real ribbon, blooming on a buttery-goodness background – a simply sublime sugar cookie. Fondant flowers can be selected in your choice of colors, pick your happiest hues today or the colors you’ll be using in the wedding. Wrapped up in cellophane to stay fresh, that’s practical. But the box it comes in is pure over-the-top fun, speckled with polka dots on the outside, nested up with cushiony crinkles on the inside and all tied of with a grosgrain bow. Darling on the outside with a delicious surprise inside – what a great little early bridesmaid gift!

your wedding party

A sweet but not at all saccharine way to ask people to join your wedding party from the bridesmaids, maid of honor, matron of honor,  junior bridesmaid or flower girl. The edible flower bouquets are sure to be perfect for your party, but if you have other ideas for your invitations check out our expanded selection of edible cookie cards that includes dresses, diamond rings, wedding cakes and more.

Se beautiful wedding photos from Denmark here.